OHAIRE coding system

Behavior coding for Human-Animal Interaction Research

Captured Behaviors

The OHAIRE is intended to capture naturalistic behavior during unstructured interaction opportunities. The coding system captures emotional displays, interactive behaviors, including social communication and environmental interactions, and interfering behaviors. 

To date, the OHAIRE has been tested with a limited range of animal species. It has previously been used to code interactions with dogs and guinea pigs, as well as social behavior before and after interactions with horses (not direct interactions with horses). The coded behaviors are general enough to be assumed to apply to other domesticated animal species.

Sampling Method

The OHAIRE uses interval behavior coding (also known as one-zero sampling) to note the presence or absence of a behavior during a video interval. The frequency or duration of behaviors within the interval are not coded. This method has been evaluated for its accuracy, reliability, and efficiency (Guérin et al., 2018).

Online System

The OHAIRE uses an online coding system through the Qualtrics survey platform to reduce the time and error associated with paper-based data entry. Currently, SPSS syntax for the coding system is written for Qualtrics data export. In the future, we aim to develop syntax that will accomodate other online data entry tools.